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“Every once in awhile, a contact sends me an email outlining a new idea to be considered by the economic development community. Mike Milkovich recently sent me just such an email outlining his thinking about the role local histories can play in creating prosperous communities. With his permission, I have included an unedited copy of his email below. Note, Mike provided his email address at the end if you would like to follow-up with him and learn more about creating and using local histories for your community.”

Excerpt from the email: “…tie economic development to local history and the foundation of local money. When you do that, you get the whole community for a buy in. EDO’s focus on statistical analysis and methods that can be proven. The true foundation of economic development is an individual. An individual starts something, a business, art, invention, a school, a community, a farm. Successful people do things because they believe in themselves.”

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