Imagine Downtown

A group from Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI), visited Pagosa Springs on November 12-13, 2012, to take a look at our community and make recommendations about how to improve the Pagosa experience. DCI supports the following goals for the communities it serves:

Supporting Independent Businesses. Celebrating Local Character. Strengthening Colorado’s Downtowns.

After spending two days in Pagosa Springs—observing town activities, interviewing focus groups of local stakeholders, researching information about the community—DCI presented a preliminary report with its findings and recommendations. Check out the report below and we will provide an update with a full report around the end of December 2012.

Pagosa Springs Time Bank

Check out the Pagosa Springs Time Bank as a way to volunteer your unique skills while helping downtown Pagosa and getting some help back from someone who has a skill set you need. You spend your time helping someone in the community and in turn another community can help you with something you need. The hours you spend helping others get added to your time bank and you can then get help from others using the hours in your bank.