A resolution was passed recently by LPEA to adopted SB-107 and this should result in Ryne and Dan releasing the SB-107 ROW notifications for the Pagosa East to West Substation link, and starting the 30 day clock on when PSSGID can utilize these lines to PS2.

Just wanted to share with you some good news from our Broadband Management Office. In 2017 bill SB-107 was passed. The act authorizes an electric utility that has an electric easement on real property or a commercial broadband supplier designated by the electric utility to act on the electric utility’s behalf, after having provided advanced notice to the owner of the real property and to any interest holder in the real property that has requested notice to install, maintain, or own a broadband facility within the electric easement or to lease any excess capacity of such facility to a commercial broadband supplier. The broadband facility may be installed, maintained, or owned above ground within the electric easement if the facility is attached to the electric utility’s electric service infrastructure. An electric utility or a designated commercial broadband supplier may maintain or own an underground broadband facility within the electric easement only if the facility existed before notice was delivered to the property owner and to interest holders requesting notice pursuant to the act.


By: Emily Meisner