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Farm program sprouting for combat vets

Reposted from the Durango Herald A new program taking seed in western La Plata County is designed to help combat veterans learn how to farm and reintegrate into civilian life. The Veterans Homestead Project is the first of its kind in Southwest Colorado and second to be recognized in the state by the Farmer Veteran

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The futurist: Six massive global trends

Reposted from ColoradoBiZ Magazine “Today we are seeing many voice…concerns about technological unemployment, where computers, robots, and machines are automating our jobs out of existence. In fact, some have gone so far as to call this the “robot jobs Armageddon.” So is this time truly different? Here are six overarching shifts in the world that

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The Education Economy: America’s Next Big Thing

Reposted from the GALLUP Business Journal Though the economy and education have long been topics of top concern to Americans, we haven’t worked to create strong linkages between the two. They are more like two castles with a large moat between them. Yet there is nothing more important we can do as a country than

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