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The futurist: Six massive global trends

Reposted from ColoradoBiZ Magazine “Today we are seeing many voice…concerns about technological unemployment, where computers, robots, and machines are automating our jobs out of existence. In fact, some have gone so far as to call this the “robot jobs Armageddon.” So is this time truly different? Here are six overarching shifts in the world that

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Orton Family Foundation releases Community Heart & Soul Field Guide

There’s something special about every town–including Pagosa Springs–the old downtown, the agricultural lands, wilderness, a get-it-done spirit, and an everyone-is-welcome ethic. These community characteristics are the things that really matter to the people who live here. They draw us here and make us care about where we live. Such characteristics are a community’s heart and soul. The Orton Family Foundation believes that the

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The Education Economy: America’s Next Big Thing

Reposted from the GALLUP Business Journal Though the economy and education have long been topics of top concern to Americans, we haven’t worked to create strong linkages between the two. They are more like two castles with a large moat between them. Yet there is nothing more important we can do as a country than

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Are local histories the key to better economic development?

Reposted from the Burghard Group’s Strengthening Brand America Blog “Every once in awhile, a contact sends me an email outlining a new idea to be considered by the economic development community. Mike Milkovich recently sent me just such an email outlining his thinking about the role local histories can play in creating prosperous communities. With

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Changing demographics and funding strategies will expand entrepreneurship

Reposted from the Kauffman Foundation Next New Deal , the blog of the Roosevelt Institute With support from the Kauffman Foundation, the Roosevelt Institute’s Next American Economy project identifies the trends and challenges that will shape our economy in the next twenty-five years. The project takes a long view of economic transformation to better inform

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Video: The impact of the farm bill on agriculture and business

  Up on the farm  UMB Bank’s Agribusiness Division President Bill Watson talks about the farm bill’s impact on agriculture and businesses.Learn more. The video is 2:14