Positive About Pagosa

The Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation Announces the Acquisition of the City Market Civic Center!

After many months of planning and meetings with all parties the Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation in cooperation with City Market Corporation is pleased to announce that we are in the final stage of negotiations to acquire the old downtown City Market Center.

The City Market Civic Center will be used but not limited to, providing the community with a state of the art business incubator. Watch this page for updated information and progress!  


Muriel Eason wrote a great explanation:

  • What is Crowdfunding? It is a broad term and has multiple uses, but it is wherea group of individuals independently decide that a project, a social cause or a small company is worth making a contribution or a loan to. If enough people come together to donate, the project gets funded and gets done. Typically, the project is described on the internet on a Crowdfunding platform created for the purpose. Crowdfunding gives the power to decide what is important and to get it done in the hands of individuals in the community. It gives people a chance to express their priorities by voting with their dollars—even small amounts.Crowdfunding can also refer to the funding of a company by selling small amounts of equity to many investors. This form of crowdfunding has recently been supported by U.S. policymakers in the JOBS Act. The JOBS Act was signed into law by President Obama on April 5, 2012. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has been given approximately 270 days to set forth specific rules and guidelines that enact this legislation, while also ensuring the protection of investors. So Crowdfunding will evolve to be even more useful in the future.
  • Why is Crowdfunding important for Pagosa Springs? So many of us have great ideas for community improvements and good causes, but we don’t necessarily see these being reflected in priorities or acted upon by local governments or other community organizations. Crowdfunding gives us the ability to propose our ideas and actually get funding if enough people buy in. It doesn’t matter whether it is sun shades for the swings at the park for the kids, picnic tables for Reservoir Hill, trail signage, bike racks for downtown, Destination Imagination trips or a capital purchase or program for a local non-profit. Any worthwhile project can be funded in this manner. The power of the many in our community can come together to fund projects we agree are important and meaningful and improve the quality of life for our citizens.
  • How does it work? Crowdfunding internet platforms allow individuals to create a project description, a before and after visualization, describe the amount of contributions needed, etc. and actually determine if there is enough interest in the community to fund it. The time frame for funding is limited, so the full amount needed must be raised during that time or the project is taken off-line and the money stays in the hands of the donors. The Crowdfunding web site generally collects a fee if the project is funded.




The PSCDC sponsored a logo contest among Pagosa youth for the “Positive About Pagosa” radio show.

Kayla Nasralla won the $500 prize. Here is the winning logo:

positive about pagosa springs

Positive about Pagosa is the brainchild of local resident Thad McKain, who hosts a weekly radio show of the same name on KWUF. Thad is committed to showcasing the influential people who make Pagosa Springs such a wonderful place to live and do business.

The Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation partnered with Thad to promote this concept. The PSCDC started off 2012 with a contest to design a logo that would depict the true essence of “Positive About Pagosa.” The offer to submit a conceptual design was extended to the youth in the community. A deadline was set and 10 designs were submitted from students from the community, the middle school and Pagosa Springs High School. The PSCDC Board of Directors carefully reviewed each entry and voted on one.

The winning entry was from Kayla Nasralla, a student at Pagosa Springs Middle School. As the first place winner, Kayla was awarded $500.00 and the pride of having her work displayed on t-shirts, bumper stickers and other items that are going to be distributed throughout the community.

We are honored to have kids like Kayla in our community! We are appreciative of the time, effort and creativity that was put into this contest from all of the participants. They are enhancing our community and making a positive difference!