Workforce Housing inPagosa Springs

Collaborating with local government and community partners to bring workforce housing to our community.

Pagosa Springs CDC Workforce Housing Project

In February 2023, the Board of Directors added workforce housing to the PSCDC Strategic Plan. Since that time the PSCDC has worked collaboratively with Archuleta County leadership, Habitat for Humanity of Archuleta County, local banks, community stakeholders, and other organizations to develop a comprehensive workforce housing plan with the following goals:

  • To ensure our community's workforce is successful in attaining long-term, safe, and energy-efficient housing
  • To provide housing opportunities and homeownership opportunities to our community's workforce
  • To work with our local Town of Pagosa Springs and Archuleta County leadership in creating compatible housing within their jurisdictions
  • To establish capacity for future projects to be replicated in additional phases
  • To establish housing protocols and assist with bringing in external funding to reduce the affordability gap for homeowners

Archuleta County donated 35 vacant lots to PSCDC in 2023. These lots are all located in the Chris Mountain II and Trails subdivisions within the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association (PLPOA) in Pagosa Springs. The primary objective of the Pagosa Springs CDC Workforce Housing Project is to build 10 new single-family housing units in the Chris Mountain II subdivision. These 10 units represent the inaugural step in PSCDC’s broader endeavor to create workforce housing within our community.

Affordability is paramount to the success of this community project, and PSCDC will provide multiple economic incentives to help reduce costs. This is not a low-income housing project; it is targeted toward the “missing middle” home buyers who earn between 80% to 140% AMI, with a target price range between $280,000 to $340,000. PSCDC’s goal is to pass only vertical construction costs to home buyers and utilize gap funding and down payment assistance to help manage costs and affordability.

Request for Qualifications

As of December 4, 2023, PSCDC is accepting Request for Qualification (RFQ) submissions for Phase I of the Pagosa Springs CDC Workforce Housing Project. The RFQ is seeking a qualified development team to work collaboratively with PSCDC to create high-quality, attainable housing for year-round workers. The selected developer will be part of a unique private-public project that will serve as a model for rural areas in Colorado into the future.

The Pagosa Springs CDC Housing Project is open to consideration of all creative, viable concepts that are consistent with the objectives of the RFQ. PSCDC encourages all financially strong developers with a solid record of successful performance in residential projects to apply.

View & Download Request for Qualifications

All RFQ responses must be submitted electronically in Adobe Acrobat PDF format to Emily Lashbrooke ( and Michael Yerman ( Please note there are two submittal deadlines:

  • Letter of Interest: January 5, 2024 at 5:00 PM (MST)
  • Final Proposal: January 25, 2024 at 5:00 PM (MST)

Please submit all questions electronically to Emily Lashbrooke using the above email. All questions and answers will be published on this web page for developer review.

Request for Qualifications Q&A

PSCDC will post all Pagosa Springs CDC Workforce Housing Project RFQ questions and answers in this section for developer review. Currently, there are no questions and answers to be shared.